The police denounced that the coca farmers used explosives “disproportionately” and reported 12 injuries

During the violent clashes in the conflict over the departmental association of coca producers of La Paz (Adepcoca), the coca farmers used “disproportionate” explosive devices of various sizes, the police department commander of La Paz, Colonel Augusto Russo, denounced, who reported at least 12 injured people.

The police chief confirmed that the mobilized who eventually forcibly retook coca market headquarters were armed with blunt objects, unlike the dynamite pups they used on other occasions.

“They stopped using pups like they were used to, they used a whole load, a whole mass that was put into different types of items like deodorant containers or other metal objects that can do more damage,” he said in an interview with

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The result of this violent confrontation is that at least 12 members of the Order were injured. Most of them have had blows to the head and splinters that have damaged their physical integrity, Russo said.

He added that police officers may even be arrested near Adepcoca headquarters.

In the midst of the brawl and the use of dynamite, the uniformed men were overrun and the coca farmers, led by the so-called self-defense committee, were able to recapture the coca market in Villa Fátima, which until recently was under the control of Arnold Alanez, denounced as being associated with the Movement for Socialism ( MAS) connected.

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Russo assured that the police would not leave the Villa Fátima or neighboring areas and would remain “vigilant” against any attempt to carry out other acts of violence again.


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