The police confirm the arrest of Pumari and avoid disclosing details of his whereabouts

The police confirmed this Friday the arrest of the former civil leader of Potosí, Marco Antonio Pumari, in the context of the investigation into the burning of the Electoral Court of the Department (TED) of that department during the crisis of 2019 and the destruction of a police patrol.

The commander of the unit’s special anti-crime unit (Felcc) confirmed that Pumari was arrested last night during an operation in the upper area of ​​the capital, Potosí.

“There are two investigations underway, the first into the destruction of the Potosí Departmental Electoral Court in 2019 and the second into an intercepted and destroyed police car. As part of this investigation, in accordance with the arrest warrants issued by the State Ministry, the agency’s staff preceded the arrest of the citizen Marco Antonio Pumari yesterday, “said the police chief.

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The regional commander did not provide any information on Pumari’s whereabouts. He just said that he was “in that jurisdiction”.

He alleged that the police carried out three raids in parallel with the arrest of the ex-citizen; in the offices of the Potosinista Civic Committee and in two other houses on Hermanos Ortega Street and Surco Street.

The police chief avoided giving details as it was a case of “national connotation”.

Relatives of Pumari yesterday condemned his disappearance.

His truck was found and abandoned with the keys in it.

The country’s citizens declared a state of emergency and condemned the persecution.


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