The passive sector of the police proposes the establishment of a coordination council

Colonel Jorge Sarabia, representative of the National Association of Passive Service of the Bolivian Police (Ansppol), indicated that this sector is proposing the establishment of a Coordination Council as part of the new structure administered under the new law. of promotions that have been approved by the Chamber of Deputies and are to be discussed in the Senate.

“The police command consists of a linear structure or a single command with a chain of command, this chain is no longer in a line from top to bottom, but becomes horizontal. (…) The name of the council should be mentioned for us because the individual orders are dismantled, ”he said in an interview with A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

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Sarabia noted that there were observations on the law, but also reiterated that aspects could be improved based on discussions with the government ministry with the intention of “improving”.

“We can express our point of view in meetings. We won’t do any harm to the work, every law is good and doesn’t just have to be for the good of the institution, ”he said.

One of the points that is being considered is in Article 11 of the proposed regulation, according to Sarabia, the political constitution of the state shows that the police are dependent on “our central power, our president through the government ministry”.

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