The Panamanian Foreign Ministry will decide whether Guillermo Parada will be extradited

The Foreign Ministry of Panama will primarily decide whether Guillermo Parada’s extradition request will continue, said Foreign Minister Rogelio Mayta.

“As soon as the extradition request has reached Panama, according to Panamanian law, which differs from Bolivian law, the decision as to whether the extradition proceeds are sufficient rests with the Panamanian political authority, which defines the Panamanian foreign ministry,” said the head of state Portfolio at a press conference.

Parada, one of those implicated in the Santa Cruz Mayor’s Office haunted case, is being held for extradition in Panama after being arrested at the airport while trying to travel to the United States.

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“That is not the same as extradition. It’s just about extradition, ”Mayta emphasized.

The minister said: “In the Bolivian case, it is not the job of the executive authority, i.e. the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to process the extradition request. In our law, this is activated by the public prosecutor’s office, who asks the trial judge to carry out the extradition request.

“The judge in the case ordered detention for extradition and granted Panama 60 days to formalize and maintain extradition,” he added.

If Panama decides to proceed with the extradition request, Guillermo Parada can appeal and go to the Panamanian Supreme Court, he said.

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Regarding the trial, Mayta stated that prosecutors have the option to activate extradition by asking the judge in the case to request extradition. The Foreign Office is a “donor in this process,” he emphasized.


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