The opposition objects so that the ALP can comply with the election of a new ombudsman

A group of opposition parliamentarians presented a compliance action in La Paz on Tuesday with the aim of instructing the legislative assembly through a constituent chamber to activate the procedure for the election of a new titular ombudsman.

The appeal is against Vice President David Choquehuanca in his capacity as President of the Legislative Assembly.

The Senator of the Citizens ‘Community, Santiago Ticona, explained that the argument of the motion was that the ombudsman’s office had transitional powers since January 2019 (after David Tezanos’ resignation) when – according to him – a transition period of more than 90 days was not possible extended.

He also pointed out that the current transitional body of the Defensoría is not impartial and reports to the government.

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The Senator noted that the compliance action is directing the President of the Assembly to approve the regulations governing the election of a new defense attorney and proceed with the selection process.

According to the constitution, the ombudsman must be elected by two-thirds of the assembly. The MAS currently has a majority for which it must agree the election of a new defense authority with the opposition.


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