The opposition confirms that the resignation of the vocal Baptista shows that credibility in the TSE has been weakened

La Paz |

The surprising resignation of the Supreme Electoral Court (TSE) Rosario Baptista and the complaints about government interference have shown that this institution is unable to conduct transparent elections and its credibility is weakened.

La Paz Mayor Iván Arias confirmed Saturday that the member’s resignation reflected the institutional weakening of the electoral body and warned that it was beginning to show signs of doubt about its credibility for future elections.

“We want strong, credible, democratic institutions, but the resignation of the member (Rosario Baptista) shows that the institutions are weakened internally because it seems that the partisan well-being takes precedence instead of prioritizing the common good,” the local authority said.

In light of the constant political harassment he has faced, TSE electoral member Rosario Baptista wrote to Vice President David Choquehuanca, presenting his irrevocable letter of resignation in which he posed several executive questions to Vice President David Choquehuanca.

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The Senator from Creemos Centa Rek separately endorsed statements by the La Paz local government, confirming that Baptista’s resignation shows that the electoral authority is not in a position to hold clean and democratic elections in the country.

In this context, the Senator of the Citizens’ Community (CC) Andrea Barrientos saw this as a defeat against democracy and as a clear sign of the lack of independence of the state organs and the submission of these institutions to the movement To Socialism (MORE).

“The resignation of Rosario Baptista is a defeat for democracy, the complete takeover of the electoral body by the abusive mass movement Twitter

While MAS MP Ramiro Venegas denied the interference of the executive in the decisions of the electoral body, let alone that the singing was constantly harassed, as Baptista denounced.

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He also said his resignation was healthy for this institution as it was appointed during Jeanine Áñez’s government; although the appointment was made by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly (ALP).

“She talks about the existence of political harassment, government interference, there is no political harassment within the control we put on the job of the electoral body, there is no interference in the decisions they make. It’s also sane that “she resigned because she was appointed to the government of Jeanine Áñez,” said the legislature.

Baptista denounced in writing that the electoral body was subject to the interests of a political party. He said that the 2020 general election ignored the real results and mandatory principles of respect for human rights, thereby submitting citizens to the will of a political party that, under the current conditions, will never lose an election.


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