The fire in Roboré is out of control. The change in wind direction intensified forest fires in the municipality of Roboré, where the fire threatened power lines, the bio-ocean highway and the railroad.

“All that’s left is to walk. It got complicated, the road went over,” said a forest firefighter, who looked after his life given the extent of the fire.

The images shared by social networks show that the fire is uncontrollable as it is consuming the vegetation around the road. It is also observed to affect the power lines: “The fire consumes power poles and it is also said that we will be without communication because there is a duck antenna near the fire,” a volunteer firefighter reported through a video, that circulates in social networks.

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Around 40 people work in this sector, including firefighters, volunteers from the government, the municipality of Roboré and the army.

Another video shows the fire spreading along the sides of the Bioceanic Highway, where the speed at which motorized vehicles are circulating is also verified so as not to be hit by the flames.


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