The office of the mayor of La Paz assures that the march will be peaceful and calls on the government to avoid shock groups

Mayor Iván Arias reiterated this Wednesday that the “Great March of La Paz” will be one of the “joys” at the repeal of Law 1386, but it will also serve as a warning of other legislative packages “that the government intends to implement. “

“The government is promulgating it (the repeal rule of Law 1386) which creates another point of tension so that the 4:00 pm march this afternoon will be a march of joy over the achievements, but also of warning the government, laws not to say goodbye without consulting and to be more ready for dialogue, ”said the mayor of La Paz.

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Arias also demanded that the government minister Eduardo del Castillo guarantee safety to the people of La Paz who will take part in the peaceful “Great March” from various points in the city to the center of the city so that they are not victims of the shock groups.

The concentration will take place at 3:30 p.m. at three points in the city: Montes Avenue, Cemetery and Bolivia Square.


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