The number of deaths from the Mapiri River overflow rises to seven

The Vice Minister for Civil Protection, Juan Carlos Calvimontes, reported on Tuesday that after the Mapiri River overflowed in the La Paz department, the number of deaths had risen to seven. He pointed out that another body was found Monday afternoon that had not yet been identified but was not one of the missing.

“Yesterday around 5:00 p.m. a new lifeless body was found, some 230 to 200 kilometers downstream, in the Mayaya region, much deeper than the Guanay region (…) add seven of the deceased if one takes into account that two bodies reported missing still have to be rescued, “said Calvimontes in contact with Bolivia TV.

He explained that six people were reported missing on Friday morning after the river overflowed. Three bodies were rescued on the same day, the fourth corresponds to a Colombian found in the Mercke River, and a new lifeless body was found in the Mayaya area on Monday afternoon but has not yet been identified.

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Calvimontes regretted this event and pointed out that based on this new knowledge it can be assumed that the overflow of the river also affected other regions. He assured that the local authorities are looking for the relatives of this new victim.

“The incident didn’t just affect the Mapiri sector; apparently a similar phenomenon could have happened much further down,” he said.

He said the search will resume that day with diving-specialized personnel from the Bolivian Navy as the water is murky and needs to be sunk in trenches between nine and 27 meters deep.

According to the authorities, 25 families have so far been affected by this overflow. The Department of Defense provided assistance through the Deputy Department, including food, mattresses, and relief supplies.

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“Some families have been evacuated, this is the responsibility of the municipal administration; however, the damage assessment is still being carried out, which is a task that the municipality and the government of La Paz also have to carry out (…) This work must be institutional in order to receive help from all three levels can come, ”he said.


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