The new legislative building will be inaugurated in August and an honorary meeting will be outlined for the national anniversary

The details are still being worked out so that the new building of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly will be inaugurated in August. In addition, the Honor Session will take place on August 6th in the new premises.

This was announced by the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Freddy Mamani, who recalled that the style of modern infrastructure represents the 36 indigenous peasant peoples and nations of the plurinational state of Bolivia.

The property is located between Commerce and Ballivián streets, behind the current and historic Legislative Palace from 1582, which hosts the legislative sessions.

“The official delivery and inauguration (of the building) is scheduled for the month of August and there will be a special act as this building represents the 36 nationalities, the Plurinational State of Bolivia and the Plurinational Legislature,” said Mamani.

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At the opening ceremony, the legislature announced that the cooperation of the executive would be available.

Located on an area of ​​44,000 square meters, work began in 2015. It is a construction made up of three bodies. The first part of the rough work began in December 2015 and the execution was the responsibility of the RUBAU Accident Association, CONSTEC and DAROCA y Asociados.

There were delays in the handover of the new building, the greatest were the conflicts in 2019 and the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

It has 21 floors, each of which bears an emblem of one of the 36 original nations that are on the territory of the plurinational state.

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In addition, it will have a fire protection and communication system as well as an earthquake-proof metal structure. Each of the legislators will have an office, storage space and five basement floors that will be used as parking spaces.

It is planned to convert the current legislative palace into a local museum.


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