The National Lottery will cover the operation Thiago needs

Thiago Leonel Quiroz, a one-year-old boy who lives with his mother, uncles and grandmother who takes care of the whole family, since Thiago’s mother is tender in mind, they live for rent in a modest house in the Gran Chaco province, Yacuiba and seek help.

Thiago was diagnosed with a cleft lip and the only treatment is surgery. It is for this reason that the National Lottery was represented in Yacuiba, where the manager of the National Lottery, Lic. María Nélida Acuña, promised to work with Thiago on the operation that you must be able to live a more dignified life as you are now having problems with eating and may have language problems in the future.

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“The need for these people is demonstrable and we are in the places that need us, there is a lot to do, but little by little we are moving forward and we will support all those families who help us to reach more places with help need and especially those who need help. Children of our country, “said Acuña after his visit to Thiago’s house.

“I am very grateful to Ms. Marian Nélida for coming to my house and seeing my grandson’s situation. I am very happy about the work of the National Lottery, which helps families and children with limited resources, thank you very much from the heart, thank you for helping my grandson, blessings and carry on ”, said María Luz Avendaño, Thiagos grandmother.

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The National Lottery staff this week helped in various areas of the Chaco, reaching more than 100 families, students and educational center staff.


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