The meeting of the citizens' committee on January 15 was suspended without a date

The National Citizens ‘Council, which was convened by the citizens’ committees of the nine departments of Bolivia for January 15, has been suspended indefinitely due to the sharp increase in infections in recent days, said the main sponsor of the meeting, Roxana Graz, from Potosí.

“It has been shown that the pandemic and the number of infected and infected people are increasing in various departments, which is why it was decided that the council should be suspended,” said Graz, as Erbol announced.

The council had been convened by Graz as interim president of the Potosinist Citizens Committee (Comcipo) to agree new protests against the government and the electoral system and to support the former leader of this organization, Marco Pumari, who has been imprisoned since December, for the events after the December Election 2019.

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The concentration should take place in Santa Cruz, but this is the city that has been hit hardest by the pandemic right now.


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