The Medical College asks not to lower our vigilance;  the fourth wave is coming

Faced with a slight decline in Covid-19 infections, Bolivian Medical College President Luis Larrea warned that a fourth wave of coronavirus in the country could be “nearer than far” and urged the population not to relax and continue with biosecurity measures .

The expert said the 23 percent drop in cases last week reported by Minister of Health and Sports Jeyson Auza may be synonymous with the virus not decreasing in the country and the contagion curve rising again. before the unscrupulousness of the people.

In the first wave, he said there were 170 cases per week in the country, 700 per week in the second, while in this third wave there were 1,822 per week.

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“If people relax today, if they don’t know that this is dangerous for us, it will stay on a flat curve, but we will have 1,800 cases, so the contagion will continue to be massive and the cases will increase.” . The fourth wave could be closer than far from land, ”warned Larrea.

The last epidemiological report on Monday included 1,633 new cases in a single day. 50 deaths have been reported across the country. Despite the slight decline in cases, the president of the Bolivian Medical College urged the population “not to lower their arms” and to relax biosafety measures.

The country has been facing the third wave of Covid-19 since May, when record numbers of infections were reported, surpassing 3,000, while the number of deaths hit more than a hundred in a single day.

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Meanwhile, the Delta variant (India) is spreading with concern, forcing various countries to back off in their measures and develop new plans to contain it. The organisms warned that it was a more transmissible variant.

According to international media reports, the delta variant is more dangerous and more transferable.


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