The mayor's office of La Paz will appeal against the dismissal of those accused of the fire of 66 PumaKatari buses

La Paz Mayor’s Office announced this Thursday that it will appeal the decision to absolve the three accused of burning 66 PumaKatari buses, which has been established by the prosecutor investigating the case. City buses were destroyed during the political clashes in November 2019.

“The mayor’s office has already taken action, while the investigation is over, we will appeal,” said the director of legal affairs at the La Paz mayor’s office, José Antonio Gonzales.

On that day, it became known that prosecutors had decided to dismiss three leaders, two men and one woman, who had been charged and even detained over the fire on the PumaKatari buses during the 2019 conflicts.

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The prosecution’s decision was presented to the court in June of the case that decided to dismiss Aurelio QM and Nicanor CC and citizen Miriam GV, who were leaders in 2019 and were charged with burning city buses. Responsibilities Defendants Aurelio QM and Nicanor CC, leaders of the Drivers Syndicate 14 de Septiembre and Mirian GV, leaders of the South Zone, who were charged with the burning of the PuaKatari.

Mayor Iván Arias was surprised by this finding on Thursday. “That’s impressive, how can that be?” Said the authorities.

He regretted that this decision was made in the Jubilee Month of the La Paz Congregation.

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Previously, in this case too, 22 other defendants had been acquitted of guilt by a finding by the La Paz public prosecutor’s office. La Paz Prosecutor William Alave said he was unaware of the finding because the prosecutor had five days to forward the decision to this La Paz district judicial authority.

“As soon as a public prosecutor has made a decision, be it a rejection or a dismissal, it can be appealed or appealed, because it has five days. During these five days, the person who feels offended before this decision can object”, Alave said.


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