The mayors of La Paz and Cochabamba are suspending New Year's parties due to the increase in Covid-19 cases

The autonomous municipal governments of La Paz and Cochabamba have decided to suspend the permits for organizing parties for the New Year following the “explosion” of cases of infection with the coronavirus (Covid-19).

The La Paz community had approved parties until 6:00 a.m. for the New Year. However, given the new reports of new cases of the virus, Mayor Iván Arias reported that it had been decided to suspend the festive activities.

“Our maximum number of cases was that we reached 250, in the previous week it was 204 (…) and yesterday we had an increase to 271 cases, well above our peak,” said Arias at a press conference.

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In connection with this, he said, “We have decided to suspend party approvals because the peaks of 270 have exceeded our expectations and we are reaching perhaps 500 cases a day.” Arias stated that “life comes first, without life there is nothing”.

The decision was made Tuesday night after a dialogue with the Scientific Committee and more after Santa Cruz and Cochabamba broke records on infection.

The mayor’s office of Cochabamba has also decided to suspend the year-end celebrations due to the increase in coronavirus cases in recent days.

Mayor Manfred Reyes Villa decided after meeting the Scientific Council to suspend activities traditionally planned for the New Year, saying the decision was made after the “explosion” of the cases and was not responsible for allowing public parties.

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“The Science Council met and advised us not to spend any crowds at the end of the year. We are putting on holidays and asking families to take care of themselves, ”Reyes told Villa.

Anibal Cruz reported that infections have increased in several communities, including Cercado de Cochabamba, which is why festivals and crowds are being suspended.

The mayor asked the population to wear a chin strap, to disinfect themselves permanently and to avoid massive concentrations.


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