The mayor of San Javier, Daniel Áñez, has died

The mayor of San Javier, Santa Cruz Department, Daniel Áñez, died this afternoon in the city of La Paz while negotiating for his community, said Jerges Mercado MP (MAS).

“Some of the MPs had lunch with their councilors today, but around 3:30 pm (Áñez) died in the hotel. Please, I ask for a minute’s silence for the mayor, who died in the exercise of his office and precisely performs functions for his community, “said Mercado.

The MP confirmed the news during the Chamber of Deputies session where Health Minister Jeyson Auza will be questioned about the management of the pandemic.

Chamber of Deputies doctor Wilson Quispe, who was appointed mayor, said he had a possible cause of death from hyperosmolar coma, a complication of diabetes, Unitel reports.

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The doctor pointed out that at the time of treatment, the patient was already suffering from blue discoloration of the lips and hands, as well as dehydration and edema in the lower limbs.

He suspected that the mayor may be suffering from altitude sickness or have already developed acute pulmonary edema, which made his situation difficult due to the underlying pathology.


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