The MAS wants a new Defender for January;  the opposition doubts

After almost three years of interim function in the office of ombudsman, the ruling party’s MPs announced yesterday that they would elect the new boss in January 2022.

The members of the Assembly of Comunidad Ciudadana point out that as long as they do not see the official summons from Parliament for the election of the defender, the announcements are “only a smoke screen”.


“We agreed in the last meetings of the MAS national bank that we would go in this direction in the first month of legislative work, it is the lame part we had in the previous government, but this time we have to ‘choose’ reported the Senator of the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), Felix Ajpi.

In this regard, the official senator assured that it is the responsibility of the legislature to make the appointment of the head of the ombudsman in the context of the independence of any party or political color.

“It is the responsibility of the legislature, as the regulations say, there is nothing else to be convened. That the citizens, who know how to defend the basic rights of the people, appear without orientation and without partisan criteria, as stated in the regulations. We will choose the person who can really represent the defense of human rights and especially the rights of the people, “he added.

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Same story

However, the opposition legislature believes that this is not the first time the issue has been discussed.

“Given the circumstances we live in due to a lack of institutionalization, I don’t think the appointment will be in January 2022 as there is no clear procedure regarding the convening, which the Ombudsman considers requirements on the verge of those who are in the political Constitution of the state and the internal mechanism of the assembly are related, “said the deputy of the Civic Community (CC) Marcelo Pedrazas.

He added that unless it is planned and there is no predisposition from the Presidents of Congress and the Senators and Deputies, only announcements will be made.


Nadia Cruz, current ombudswoman, has been in office since January 2019. The last legislative assembly had outlined a new selection process, but there was no consensus, so he stayed in office to this day.

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In this regard, MEP Pedrazas reiterated that internships for public institutions, including ombudsmen, are not good because they do not defend the interests of society.

Requirements for the ombudsman

The 1994 Political Constitution of the State (CPE) established the establishment of the ombudsman and the election of the competent authority in the National Congress.

According to the Magna Carta, the authority will be appointed by at least two-thirds of the people present in the Legislative Assembly (ALP) and it will be possible, after a public solicitation and recognition of merits through a competition between “for their trajectory in the defense of human rights “, Refers to Article 220. Article 221 of the 2009 Magna Carta provides that the defense counsel has the” general conditions of access to the public service “. Among other things, the applicant will be 30 years old at the time of application.


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