The MAS says they are attacking Evo's image and explaining the emergency

Following requests for a trial against former President Evo Morales for the events of 2019, the Movement for Socialism said the image of the leader of this political party is under attack and declared a state of emergency.

“There is this concern that our brother Evo Morales is being attacked for no reason,” said MAS Vice President Gerardo García.

García asserted that there was an “attack on the image” of Morales because “the right wing” did not forgive the expulsion of the DEA and the US ambassador.

The leader claimed the opposition had a year to prosecute Morales, “they could even convict, but they have found absolutely nothing against our brother Evo, so there is nothing, it is just talk,” he said.

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On the other hand, García added that his sectors had asked Morales to attend their events across the country and that they would assist him in his transfers.

“It is the single pact as a whole, and all the social sectors of the country have decided through their representatives to support and support and guarantee at all times that our brother Evo Morales can move and mobilize throughout the country because they can our base brothers demand that they want our brother to reach every corner of the country, “he said.


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