The legislative commission will analyze the trial against Áñez starting tomorrow

Tomorrow the Joint Commission on Plural Justice will analyze the four indictments for the process of accountability against former President Jeanine Áñez. However, it is unknown whether there are any terrorism charges against former President Evo Morales, according to a report by Erbol.

The Vicarious Movement to Socialism (MAS) Andrés Flores confirmed the treatment that will be given at the session and then, once approved, will be sent to the plenary session of the Plenary Legislative Assembly for consideration.

“We already have an agenda: on Wednesday we would consider this issue of assessing the responsibilities of Ms. Jeanine Áñez. The Joint Commission only authorizes the Legislative Assembly (plurinational), ”he affirmed.

The lawsuits the ex-president is facing are the merit of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Covid-19 violation of freedom of expression during quarantine, the extension of the commercial register concession in favor of Fundempresa and the Sacaba and massacres Senkata.

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However, Flores said he did not know whether an indictment against Morales would be dealt with in the next few days, based on an audio in which he talked about including cities that, according to Supreme Court President (TSJ) Olvis Egüez – has been around since May this year in the legislature.

“It is in the hands of the judiciary to investigate these audios, but we will contact prosecutors to see and coordinate the investigation into our former president (Evo Morales),” the legislature said . to rule out whether it has reached the legislature or not.

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“We don’t have a deadline. As a Joint Commission, we have done our job. As MPs for the Movement towards Socialism, we simply will not have any bias; on the contrary, we come to perform the task of assessing former authorities, be they former ministers, former ministers of the MAS or the opposition, ”said MEP Andrés Flores. He noted that to date, the Plural Justice Commission has approved 20 requests made in 2004.

There is also a lawsuit against Evo Morales, opened by Áñez’s government in November 2019, after a recording was released showing the former president apparently calling leader Faustino Yucra to encircle the cities in order to have them without a meal to leave.


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