Opposition calls for the removal of “irregular” groups related to MAS after threats against Apdhb

The leader and founder of Wila Lluch’us, who preferred not to reveal his name to avoid retaliation by the opposition, denied this Wednesday that government minister Carlos Eduardo Del Castillo said that this organization has existed since 2019 and is currently in various provinces of the department of La Paz and other departments of Bolivia.

“I am the commander, the founder of this group. The purpose (which we have) is to defend the original people, the brothers who live in the provinces, but not the neoliberals. We have been here since 2019,” he said Leader of the Wila Lluch’us in statements to the ANF.

This organization has been questioned by opposition politicians and civil society institutions, including the leader of the Movement for Socialism (MAS) who referred to it as an “extremist group”, while Minister Del Castillo pointed out that after an investigation they discovered that this organizing organization ” not existent”.

Del Castillo reiterated Tuesday that they are “against any action that violates the rights, guarantees and peace of the Bolivian people” and denied the existence of the organization, which threatened to burn Carvajal’s house.

“We have investigated and this organization does not exist, it does not exist on the national territory, so after preliminary investigations we have found that this video is armed to create some kind of political impact,” he said.

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However, the head of this organization said the opposite. He said his organization was formed in 2019 before social conflicts intensified in October and November. He pointed out that they disagree with a “civil war” in relation to the fact that they were also related to being the promoters this year, “now civil war!” in full political crisis.

This organization, “inexperienced” for Minister del Castillo, received a wave of criticism after two of its members threatened to burn down the house of the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia (APDHB), Amparo Carvajal., And the headquarters of that institution.

When asked about the threats made by the two subjects, the leader of the Wila Lluch’us stated that he “does not know” the people who recorded the video, he did not rule out that it was a “montage”, but in Another part in his statement, he said that the material may have been created by some of its radical thinking members, noting that it is difficult to know all of them as there are many members.

Analogous to the content of the video, he criticized the role of the president of the APDHB, mainly because of her defense of the former president Jeanine Áñez and those who were involved in the massacres of Senkata and Sacaba.

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“Ms. Amparo Carvajal defends a neoliberal woman referring to Jeanine Áñez, who did a lot of damage, massacred, left orphaned children, widows, justice was not done. She may have won.” their colleagues. Anger and that is why they spoke (so). Sometimes you can always talk in the heat of emotions, things that may not be right, “said leader Wila Lluch’us.

He accused Carvajal of making a mistake in 2019 for failing to comment on the violent events of Senkata and Sacaba; said they will make an official statement in due course.

He added that “the opposition interprets through the broadcast video that we are a terrorist group, but it is wrong. We are not a terrorist group. Some take it differently,” he said.

He ruled out membership of the Red Ponchos because they believe that this is an organization with a completely different structure.

With regard to the MAS, he confirmed that they supported this faction in the national elections because they identified with the “Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (IPSP)”, but that in the sub-national elections only some of its members expressed their support up to her death Felipe Quispe “El Mallku”.


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