The MAS organizes its departmental congress

Leader Rodolfo Machaca admitted that it was a “mistake” that there were factions within the Movement towards Socialism (MAS), urged militants to reflect and assured that one of the challenges in 2022 is political unity to protect.

“Yes. I don’t know what will happen to us if it shouldn’t be like that, sometimes it’s mistakes that we have to overcome,” said the leader Machaca in statements to the ANF when asked whether there are factions like the ” MAS “Evistas”, “Shock Huanquistas” and “Arceristas” and what are their political challenges in 2022.

He urged the militants to reflect on this situation within the ruling party and called for the unity of the Political Instrument for the Sovereignty of the Peoples (IPSP) to be maintained. “2022 will work on it,” he said.

He noted that the leader of the MAS, Evo Morales, was not inclined to constitute currents called, for example, “evistas”, that is, of those who follow the leadership of the ex-president, more precisely, he questions these positions. “He says evistas do not arise.”

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In the ranks of the political organization there are also those who call themselves “masistas”, that is, rely on the political instrument whose relevance was born with violence when the MAS won the 2005 elections.

There is also talk of a wing of supporters of the Vice President of the State, David Choquehuanca, whose philosophy is based on “living well” and on the “pachamamista” vision; but there are also those who follow Luis Arce, who is currently head of government.

Machaca stated that Morales’ relationship with these minds was “pleasant”, referring to Choquehuanca and Arce.

The political leader made it clear, however, that the only leadership of the MAS is around Evo Morales, it has been shown that there is always a leader and in this case it is the ex-president, “that’s why you have to keep him,” he said .

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He also recognized that when a “political party is very large and it is difficult to standardize criteria,” there are struggles within the ruling party, which he considers right, a situation that could be regulated by its party rules.

However, he also believes these struggles are generated by “personal, group and sectoral ambitions”. He said these interests would be overcome with the will of the militants because they were problems that would weaken and divide the party. He commented that advocating for political well-being was a challenge.

Machaca stated that the MAS mission for 2022 is to provide guidelines for government management, mainly because the goal is industrialization, economic and social development.


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