We believe Arce is asking Wilfredo Chavez to urge him not to give the OEP any powers

Prosecutor General Wilfredo Chávez confirmed today that qualitative and quantitative reparations will be required for purchasing tear gas during the transition period of the government and that this has led to the arrest of former government minister Arturo Murillo.

“We are striving to do two things: to compensate for the economic damage to the state and to reimburse the money from the surcharge (which amounts to $ 2.3 million) and, on the other hand, to repair the damage caused quantitatively and qualitatively,” said the agency with a press conference.

Chavez said he wants to achieve both goals in the civil lawsuit that will begin next year against Murillo.

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The prosecution pointed out that not only the repayment of the $ 2.3 million surcharge is required, but that the parties involved in this case pay damages.

“At the end of March, when we were all locked up (due to quarantine) because of the coronavirus, Murillo campaigned twice for the Central Bank of Bolivia (BCB) to transfer the money to a North American bank. We are looking for an exemplary sanction and those who have conspired to be punished, ”he said.


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