The La Paz Tribunal reported that it had sent a request to the Foreign Office to extradite Murillo

The Departmental Court (TDJ) of La Paz announced that the pleading had already been forwarded to the Foreign Ministry as part of the procedure for the extradition of the former government minister Arturo Murillo in the case of tear gas. detained in the United States.

“I understand that the public prosecutor made an application to the court of Dr. Claudia Castro and I am also aware that the said authority sent the petition to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 2nd,” said TDJ President Jorge Quino.

The State Department requested the extradition of the former agency involved in the overpriced purchase of non-lethal material; His former chief of staff Sergio Méndez is also involved in the case.

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Murillo is accused of money laundering and bribery in the US. According to the FBI investigation, an American middleman Bravo Tactical Solutions was hired through its office to buy the tear gas.

The Bolivian state paid $ 5.6 million for the product, while the actual price was 3.3 million, which is a surcharge of $ 2.3 million allegedly distributed between broker Murillo, Méndez and others. .

The case was denounced in June last year, but it was the US institutions that investigated suspicious bank movements until they were arrested in that country in the past few days, and the case had repercussions in Bolivia.

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