Ministry of Labor: Vaccination decrees cannot be grounds for dismissal

Of five constitutional lawsuits filed against Supreme Decrees 4660 and 4661 on the submission of Covid-19 vaccination cards in public and private institutions, two were inadmissible due to a flawed approach and lack of evidence; two were observed; and one is up for a hearing.

The Fourth Constitutional Chamber of Santa Cruz rejected the lawsuit brought by Romel Leonardo Ipamo Saravia, Rene Sauciri Choque, Elías Tordoya Osinaga, Luis Rene Alejandro Sauciri Urrelo and Jhonathan Mamani Domínguez against Luis Alberto Arce Catacora, President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

The constitutional judge pointed out that DS 4660 and 4661 cannot be clarified or changed and / or canceled by a defense suit. It was also clarified that the application for free PCR tests must be transferred to the municipal level.

The Fourth Constitutional Chamber of La Paz also dismissed the claims brought against President Arce by Brad Kevin Antezana, Carlos Fernando Barrera Uría, Sergio Prudencio Vallejos Choque, Prudencio Vallejos Layme and Rudy Nelson Escobar.

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It was made clear that the popular action is not about establishing the constitutionality of a norm, let alone delimiting a normative scope. Therefore, the popular actions presented were rejected in both cases.

“We as the city council stand up to stand up for life, for respect for public health, for respect for all of us, to take care of ourselves; the people must be very aware, in this case it is clear what this popular action intends to take against public health and not to protect the lives of Bolivians, so I ask you to refuse guardianship, “said Mayor Arias in this context .

There is also the lawsuit by Gabriel Remberto Justiniano Terrazas, Clemento Luis Aruquipa Carlo, Patricia Callisperis Vieira Días and Jaime Raúl Solares Quintanilla in the Second Constitutional Chamber of La Paz against the Ministry of the Presidency and the Executive of the Plurinational State of Bolivia; the same one that is being watched.

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Another lawsuit that was observed was the lawsuit filed before the First Constitutional Chamber of La Paz, where complainant Franz Alberto Alanoca Huanca is against President Luis Arce.

And finally, the lawsuit that Rubén Darío Ardaya Cadario brought before the Fourth Constitutional Chamber of Santa Cruz against the Ministry of Health and Sport, Luis Fernando Camacho Vaca, Max Jhonny Fernández Saucedo and Erick Holguín Doynel, does not yet have a date for the development of that Audience.

Therefore, Supreme Ordinances 4660 and 4661 remain firm on their constitutionality basis. The validity of the decrees began on January 1st. However, the long lines looking for vaccines caused Health Minister Jeyson Auza to postpone his call to January 26 to give citizens time without vaccinating so many people.


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