The prosecution asks the TSE to report back once they have accredited Áñez as president

The 2nd anti-corruption judge of La Paz, Andrés Zabaleta, decided this Friday to reject Jeanine Áñez’s request to leave the prison in order to be treated for her state of health, with which the ex-president was placed in preventive detention in the prison of Miraflores will continue.

The decision was made during a hearing to end the preventive detention demanded by Áñez’s defense based on the medical certificates recommended by the former president’s admission for depression, suicidal ideation, high blood pressure and chronic gastritis.

The judge pointed out that, despite these certificates from Áñez’s doctors, the other party had advised that the ex-president had 24-hour care and that a medical meeting should be held to discuss the defendant’s treatment to determine.

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It was also viewed as inconsistent that the defense requested Áñez’s house arrest, despite the medical recommendation that she should be admitted to a specialized center. However, lawyer Luis Guillén made it clear that the judge could determine house arrest in a medical center.

Áñez’s other lawyer, Jorge Valda, insisted on hearing the judge on a petition for hospitalization of the ex-president, but the judiciary did not allow the request.

The defense appealed, which is also to be examined in the court of appeal.

Áñez has been detained since March. He has two preventive arrests against him, one for terrorism, sedition and conspiracy, the second for breach of duties and unconstitutional decisions, in the “coup” case.

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In both cases, his defense requested that preventive detention be lifted, but in the first case the 10th criminal judge refused the hearing because previous appeal proceedings were pending. In the second case, Judge Zabaleta rejected Áñez’s application.


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