They protest in Miraflores prison and a senator condemns that the government mobilizes prisoners

Amid complaints from Miraflores prison inmates calling for Jeanine Añez to be treated equally, one of the inmate representatives confirmed that similar measures had previously been taken with Gabriela Zapata and that she was now “another deprivation of liberty”. “

“About privileges then, back then, the authorities were made aware of the year 2015, 2016 with the case you mentioned (by Gabriela Zapata). Because of these privileges that existed, we also took the same, similar measures.” to these, and now she is in the same way deprived of her liberty plus the lady mentioned, “said the representative in an interview with Erbol.

Zapata, Evo Morales’ ex-partner, was arrested in February 2016 after he was accused of peddling influence on behalf of the Chinese company CAMC. In 2017, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison for the crime of legitimizing illegal profits.

The representative of the Miraflores detainees, who has been incarcerated for nine years, said that they do not understand how Zapata receives the same treatment as the others, while Añez does not.

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He said Añez was occupying the medical area of ​​the prison, had a large bed, and had priority over the other inmates.

He considered that when a person is sick, they don’t put on makeup or iron their hair.

She said that other inmates also get depressed and try to kill themselves, but they don’t get the attention Añez has.

“We get depressed, we also get depressed for our children, for our family, and nobody comes to us and says ‘they are doing therapy'”, complained the director.

He claimed that Añez distances herself from the rest of the prison inmates, but the inmates have contact with her and see her when she is on the phone, walks in the sun, offers her products, or even when they reach her with the food she receives from outside of the prison. . “We bring the plate of food to the lady, so with a tray, with a tray as if we were her employees, we go and put it on the table where she is sitting,” explained the representative, although she pointed out that this is one Help the inmates who Añez “wanted to abuse”.

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He insisted that inmates demand that Añez be treated equally. He denied that his integrity would be compromised if the former president entered with the prison population.

He also recalled that even former ministers were detained in Miraflores Prison and that there were no incidents.

The leader also assured that the protests are conducted on the initiative of the inmates and that they are not directed against an advantage.

He denounced that his rights were violated during the transitional government and mentioned Arturo Murillo. He said the former minister personally walked into the prison and turned everyone “face down”, looking.


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