The indigenous leader Marcial Fabricano is named Character of the Year by the El Deber Group

Marcial Fabricano, the famous indigenous leader of Beni, was named Person of the Year by the Grupo El Deber con el Patujú de Bronce in honor of the “Struggle and Resistance of the Indigenous Peoples of Eastern Bolivia”.

“The ‘Tata’ Fabricano faces real, respectable and trustworthy leadership,” said Pedro Rivero, CEO of Grupo El Deber.

Fabricano led the twelfth indigenous march in defense of their territories and against subjugation. For 37 days, the indigenous people traveled hundreds of kilometers from the city of Trinidad to Santa Cruz, where they stayed for 99 days.

Born in San Lorenzo de Moxos, Beni, the indigenous leader led the March for Territory and Dignity in 1990.

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