The IACHR will monitor Áñez's health, although it does not give him any precautions

The executive branch of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission (IACHR), Tania Reneum, announced that this facility will continue to monitor and request reports on the health of Jeanine Áñez from the Bolivian state even though she has been denied her precautions.

In an interview with Erbol, Reneum pointed out that this follow-up work is being carried out within the framework of the IAHR’s power to request information from states about specific situations that may arise in their area of ​​responsibility.

“We will continue to monitor and request information from the Inter-American Commission on the health situation and the health system put in place by the government of Bolivia to adequately protect the health of Ms. Áñez,” said the IACHR Executive Director.

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He stated that the Commission is in constant dialogue at various levels with the various governments in the region and that these meetings will certainly give it the opportunity to discuss this particular point.

Áñez and her daughter Carolina Ribera had requested precautionary protection measures from the IACHR, arguing that they were being politically persecuted and that the ex-president’s health was in danger, but the agency denied the request.

Reneum said no precautions had been taken because the IAHR believed the state had taken steps to prevent the former president from harming herself further and had guaranteed a mechanism to ensure her health.

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The IACHR Executive also clarified that taking precautionary measures into account in general does not address the issue of due process, as this needs to be transferred to another mechanism of the Commission, namely the system of petitions and cases.


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