The IACHR refuses to accept the former President Áñez.  Precautions to be taken

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) yesterday rejected former President Jeanine Áñez’s motion for precautionary measures and closed the case. However, he left open the possibility that, if the President deems it necessary, she could make a similar appeal in the future. The international organization reminded the government that it is the duty of the state to guarantee the right to life of those deprived of liberty.

On August 26, Áñez’s defense urged the IACHR to take precautionary measures over the alleged violation of his rights by the country’s penitentiary authorities. According to the certificate and medical studies, the ex-president’s health has deteriorated since her arrest.

Meanwhile, Alaín de Canedo, one of Áñez’s lawyers, described the IAHR’s response to his legal team’s call for precautionary measures as ambiguous.

“The IACHR does not grant the precautionary measure we demand, but neither does it deny it. For us, it is an ambiguous decision, stating on the one hand that the government guarantees the rights of Jeanine Áñez, but on the other hand that if the government does not have the means to guarantee Áñez’s treatment and health, it will not either imprison it “said De Canedo in contact with Página Siete.

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State Chancellor Rogelio Mayta said the health or life of former President Áñez was never at risk. “It is clear that the state, through its judicial and security authorities, has always guaranteed the health and life of Jeanine Áñez, as far as we can confirm that the entire situation known to the media and our population was practically a staging, a production to try to question the Bolivian state, “Mayta said at a press conference.

We believe that criticizing the IACHR for failure

Regarding the decision by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) to deny precautionary measures to former President Jeanine Áñez, Creemos said that “the manipulation of information and the complicity of the IACHR with the movement are being exposed again. The socialism that he favored during the transitional government, which also took precautions in the face of the impossibility of irrigation through text messages (Mary Carrasco and Juan Alipaz), and now in the face of an apparently extremely serious situation, urgency and irreparable harm, they do not know the content of Article 25 and leaving their line of protection by denying justice to those who deserve it and legalizing the illegal and inhuman detention and detention of former President Jeanine Áñez.

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