The hearing of former Minister Murillo will be postponed again and will take place on November 8th

American attorney Thomas Becker reported that the hearing against former government minister Arturo Murillo has been postponed for the third time and will take place on November 8th of this management.

“The court is postponing Arturo Murillo’s hearing by 30 days so that his new lawyer can investigate his case,” Becker wrote on his Twitter account.

Hours ago, the hearing was deemed appropriate but was suspended because the former minister’s new defense has to investigate the case of his client, who has been detained in the United States since May.

“Murillo has waived his right to a preliminary hearing. His indictment is scheduled for November 8th, ”he reported.

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The former government minister is accused of money laundering and bribery as part of the irregular purchase of tear gas.


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