The group that threatened Carvajal supports the MAS;  he denies that he exists

Despite the fact that the government has denied the existence of the Wila Lluch’us and they have no relationship with the movement towards socialism, there are records that this group fought for the ruling party and even one of its leaders has photos on social networks with it President Luis Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca.

The group called Army Warrior Wila Lluch’us threatened to burn down the home of the President of the Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia, Amparo Carvajal, on Monday.

Government minister Eduardo del Castillo assured yesterday that the organization does not exist in Bolivia and that the video in which it is sending out threats is “armed”.

They appear on Facebook as Army Warrior Wila Lluch’us, and their messages have been shared for the sub-national election campaign since February 2020. According to the ANF, they express their support for the then candidate for governor of La Paz, Franklin Flores.

Its members can also be seen at election campaign events in La Paz, mobilizations and concentrations of candidates.

However, the President of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS), Evo Morales, denied that this group and its members were part of his political organization.

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“As President of MAS-IPSP, I deny the information that is being disseminated regarding an ‘extremist group’ called Wila Lluchus that is presented as a member of our political instrument. These lies benefit false human rights activists who defend right-wing coup plotters, ”he wrote on his Twitter account.

However, one of their representatives, who identifies as Grover, can be seen in a photo with Arce and Choquehuanca holding two paintings; In the picture you can see the identification of the group, which is a Lluch’u, although the text is illegible.

Minister Del Castillo said the government was “against any action that violates the rights, guarantees and the peace of the Bolivian people”; however, he denied the existence of the organization that threatened Carvajal.

“We have investigated and this organization does not exist, it does not exist on the state territory. Therefore, after preliminary investigations, we have been able to determine that this video is armed to create some kind of political impact,” said Del. Castillo.

After the threats against Carvajal, politicians and activists rejected the claims of the Wila Lluch’us and called on the government to disband the organization.

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The self-described Wila Lluch’us have been appearing in various videos and recordings in La Paz, El Alto and the province of Omasuyos since at least February this year. In their various pronouncements, they declared that their goal was to defend the plurinational state “at all costs”. They also demonstrated against the “fascist right”.

Other groups, the MAS. support

The government announced the disbandment of “vigilante groups” that had participated in a so-called “coup d’état”; Opponents, however, identified “shock groups” within the ruling party that have been active since November 2019.

Unlike organizations like the Cochala Resistance, they remain active under the protection of the MAS and the government. Ciudadana community representative Beto Astorga identified Los Satucos and Columna Sur as the Masista groups that attacked the activists’ march on August 5th. Astorga was then hit in the head with a stone. In the attack, former deputy and former deputy minister Gustavo Torrico was identified as the leader.


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