The governor of Chuquisaca is charged with fraud

The governor of Chuquisaca, Damián Condori, is facing an investigation into the fraud crime in Chuquisaca, said prosecutor David Andrade, who even announced charges against the authority.

Prosecutor Andrade stated that the case corresponds to the period between 2015 and 2016 when Condori was not governor, that is, it was a special event, according to journalist Iván Ramos from the Erbol network, but pointed out that in this case If he does not, there is preventive detention for Governor Condori, as it is a pure property crime.

In this case it is known that the applicant is a citizen who alleged to have loaned 600,000 Bolivianos to Condori and that the money was used to pay off a debt of the former farmer leader in connection with the Indigenous Fund case. The amount would not have been refunded, which would have harmed the complainant.

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The governor of Chuquisaca joins the list of authorities who face criminal proceedings and who, if convicted, run the risk of losing their mandate.

Condori was an executive branch of the MAS-related farmers’ union but later became a dissident, running for the Interior in 2015.

He was later held in preventive detention for the case of the Indigenous Fund, in which he was accused of irregularities in projects, despite the fact that in 2016 he returned more than 600,000 Bolivians to the General State Treasury. In 2021 he ran again and was elected governor.


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