The government rejects Quintana's criticism of the Police Promotion Act

Following the questions ex-minister Juan Ramón Quintana asked yesterday about the Bolivian Police Promotion Act, the government and the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) stepped forward to defend the norm. From the opposition, however, former President Jorge Quiroga pointed out that the former authority is a new opposition leader, according to a report by Brújula Digital.

Quintana questioned the Bolivian Police Promotion Bill, which was approved by the Chamber of Deputies this week and passed to the Senate. He pointed out that it is a “price” for those who rioted in 2019 and caused Evo Morales to step down as president. He even pointed out that not even the dictatorship of Luis García Meza gave the institution of order a general career.

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The opposition refused to approve this bill because one of its articles includes the government minister in the Bolivian police command, which qualifies him as interference by the executive branch.


Regarding Quintana’s remarks, government minister Eduardo del Castillo rejected the settlement with the García Meza government. He pointed out that President Luis Arce has just regained democracy.

Senator Félix Ajpi (MAS) blamed Quintana’s allegations, pointing out that the current government had not come to take revenge on the police. He added that they are now trying to institutionalize the Bolivian police so they don’t repeat their actions in 2019.

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