The government confirms that military detainees have confiscated illegal cars in Chile and is managing their release

The Defense Ministry confirmed Wednesday that the Bolivian soldiers arrested on the border with Chile were intercepted while conducting anti-smuggling tasks and announced that diplomatic channels have been activated to release them.

Through a statement from this state portfolio indicated that the uniformed men belong to the Joint Task Force “Bravo” Huachacalla and were conducting an operation to seize vehicles that had illegally entered Bolivian territory, in the Pisiga – Colchane sector.

Amid this fact, “the patrol conducting the operation was forcibly intercepted by the Chilean police; as a result of this incident, a Bolivian official who was brought to the city of Oruro-Bolivia for medical treatment was injured and” three Bolivian troops were killed Carabineros arrested, “the document says.

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“In this regard, diplomatic channels have been activated to overcome this unfortunate impasse,” the statement said.

According to Chilean media, the three Bolivian soldiers arrested by Carabineros are charged with “robbery, intimidation and carrying weapons” on the basis of allegations of theft of vehicles on the territory of the neighboring country.

The Bolivians imprisoned in Chile are Lieutenant Niger Ponce, Lieutenant Jaime Herbas and Sergeant José Bautista Carvajal. The case is being judged by the prosecutor’s office in that country.


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