The government calls in the media saying that some create fear and

The Vice Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón, called the media directors to a meeting for Monday because she said that some media “incorrectly” informs with data from social networks about Law 1386 on the National Strategy to Combat Legitimation Profits.

The invitation was public and the relevant notes will also be sent to the media directors. “The aim is to tackle this problem of disinformation that affects the population,” Alcón said at a press conference.

He stated that it was found that “disinformation is circulating on social networks and has been replicated in some media (…). They are in the digital (media) headlines, sometimes they are only part of it”. asked he.

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He said it was a social responsibility, and to deal with misinformation, government and media efforts had to be aligned, even more so in conflicting circumstances.

Alcón insisted that the “misinformation” concerns the citizens. “For example, being afraid of Law 1386, which is a framework law with seven articles and an appendix,” he said.

In addition, he said that “they created this misinformation that we are going to affect the union brothers, the transporter brothers,” the official repeated.

He noted that the problem of disinformation is not new but has long been denounced and encouraged to take responsibility for the work of journalism and to verify the information.

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“We have to take into account that traditional media with prestige also have to make a contribution,” he said.

The government’s call for this Monday is at 3:00 p.m. in the Casa Grande del Pueblo.


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