The government announced that the Coup II trial will begin the following week

Government minister Eduardo Del Castillo announced on Wednesday that Jeanine Añez, former high command of the military, Williams Kalimán, and former commander of the Bolivian police force, Yuri Calderón, will enter the hearing phase the following week. The so-called “Coup II case” referred to the alleged crimes of non-compliance with duties and decisions that violate the political constitution of the state.

“The former senator proclaimed herself in a simplified manner in the presence of the media and diplomatic representatives, without complying with the formalities laid down in the constitution and the law,” wrote the minister in a Facebook post.

Del Castillo also rejected the list of witnesses presented yesterday by Áñez’s defense. She claimed that such evidence was inconsistent with the case or would point to the case of election fraud.

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“With this in mind, it is important to mention that Ms. Añez has made the declaration of the Constitutional Court and documentation that corresponds to other judicial procedures available as a defense to politicians, parliamentarians, authorities, religious, opinion-makers, analysts, writers.” of electoral fraud (case closed today with dismissed authorities) or the case of terrorism, sedition and conspiracy (known as Putsch I), which does not correspond in the current proceedings, ”he said.


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