Social organizations this Monday created the “General Staff of the People for the People”, a body that will be commanded by former President Evo Morales and will replace Conalcam. The new body of the social sectors declared itself in a state of emergency in defense of the government of President Luis Arce.

The meeting of social organizations related to the Movement for Socialism (MAS) took place in Cochabamba, where they approved the creation of the new body.

The first resolution of the sectors states: “The trade unions and indigenous social organizations have decided to form the general staff of the people and for the people as a plurinational space in defense of the sovereignty and dignity of our democratic and multicultural revolution, the face of system capitalism and the racist revolution fascist right, with false populist discourses ”.

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A report by Radio Kausachun Coca (RKC) indicates that Morales is chairing the new body that will replace the National Coordinator for Change (Conalcam), a body that was disbanded in mid-December 2019 following Morales’ resignation from the presidency , and after the successor of Jeanine Añez.

In 2010 the Morales government founded Conalcam with the aim of leading Bolivia to a socialist community state whose central tasks were political indoctrination and maintaining the process of change.

In the second point of its resolution adopted this Monday, the General Staff of the People and for the People points out that “we declare ourselves in a state of emergency and a constant mobilization at regional, departmental and national level from all social and indigenous organizations” the democratic ones To defend the institutions of the plurinational state of Bolivia.

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He also noted that one of the aims of the General Staff of the People and for the People is to protect the leadership of President Luis Arce Catacora and Vice-President David Choquecuanca “in the face of attempts to destabilize the national and international levels”. to the right. Unity, Revolution and Democracy ”.

In this understanding, the General Staff reaffirmed its unity for the people and for the people with “ideology and conviction for the future of Bolivia in order to lead a good life for the next generations”.


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