The former President of Potosí TED assures that Pumari was not identified in the 2019 burns

The Potosí Department Electoral Court did not accuse anyone of burning the property and did not identify former Ombudsman Marco Pumari in those events, as the ministry is currently claiming, said former president of that institution, Julio Mujica.

The former agency noted three elements, first, that the TED did not identify anyone responsible for the incineration and left the investigation to the prosecutor’s office; second, that the images and videos were out of focus to syndicate a specific person, and finally, he said that if Pumari had been involved, TED would not have qualified him as a candidate for the vice presidency in the 2020 election.

During their tenure, prosecutors sent them notices to identify someone who was involved in the cremation of the electoral facility, but the entire TED chamber did not syndicate anyone as the investigation came under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Public Affairs.

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“All the documents that are in the court and a copy, we have not syndicated anyone, we have not given anyone a name,” he said in an interview with Radio Compañera.

Regarding the videos and photos that prosecutors sent them, Mujica said they were “very blurry videos”. He insisted that no one be identified very precisely but that the Ministry of Public Affairs be asked to do its job.

Furthermore, he said that it would not have been logical to qualify him as a candidate for Bolivia’s vice presidency in the October 2020 elections if TED members had identified those responsible for the TED’s incineration, including allegedly Pumari.

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“If we had specifically identified someone, it would have been illogical for us to qualify him as a candidate for Marco Antonio Pumari,” argued the former authority.

Last week, prosecutors reported that Pumari’s trial for the burning of the Potosí TED took place in October 2019; although the prosecutor pointed out that he had been charged with election crimes and obstruction of the election count.

Prosecutors arrested Pumari two years after the events and even recorded the testimony of those pointing to Pumari between September and the beginning of October this year, two years after the events.


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