The former minister charged with corruption wants to escape from prison before Christmas

Ex-minister Edwin Characayo, accused of corruption, wants to leave Palmasola prison before Christmas. This Tuesday there will be a new hearing to lift the preventive detention, said his lawyer César Rojas.

“The previous hearing was suspended because the judge had permission to do so, now the hearing will take place on Tuesday at 2 p.m., then the hearing will take place,” Rojas said in contact with Gigavisión.

The lawyer pointed out that the freedom of the former head of the Ministry of Rural Development and Lands has been complied with since preventive detention on October 25th.

“It will be two months of unreasonable detention because there are no orders for him to continue detention. What they do is delay their hearing with every trick, ”he said.

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On April 13, Characayo and former Rural Development Director Hiper García were arrested in El Prado de La Paz when they received an envelope containing US $ 20,000 as an “economic cooperation” advance.

According to police, the Characayo corruption network demanded a total of $ 380,000 for the legalization of a property in the city of San Ramón in Santa Cruz.


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