The former head of the personnel department of the mayor's office of Santa Cruz is going to Palmasola.  sent

Judge Juan José Quiroz ordered the former head of the personnel department of the Santa Cruz de la Sierra Mayor’s Office, Javier Cedeño, to be detained in Palmasola prison for 180 days in the case of the allegedly 800 ghost objects.

“The judge ordered 180 days of preventive detention in order to believe the defendant’s involvement in the trial because we are in a preparatory phase and we need to gather the evidence, the full evidence and a hearing,” said Marcelo Aliaga. , Lawyer for MAS MP Estefania Morales, plaintiff in this case.

Aliaga avoided giving further details as the case is subject to change.

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Cedeño spoke during the precautionary hearing held at the Santa Cruz City Justice Palace this afternoon, but press workers were removed from near the room, PAT reported.

Meanwhile, the hearing of former interim mayor Angélica Sosa has been scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow.


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