The fire in Melga remains and more teams are being dispatched to fight the fire

The fire in the Melga area of ​​Sacaba has continued for the second day in a row. Fire and rescue teams fight the fire in the area.

Sar Bolivia reported that more teams have been deployed to the area to reinforce the work.

“In these moments present at the place UGRyD of the government of Cochabamba, UGR of the municipality Sacaba, fire department police of Sacaba, SAR-Bolivia branch Cochabamba and volunteer fire-brigade of the Fire and Rescue Foundation”, published SAR Bolivia, subsidiary of Cochabamba.

The SAR reported that following a vote in the area, “driveways will begin in all fire areas, which are multiple hot spots scattered in a line of 3 km. The work is expected to be completed by noon . “

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Death and awakening

Yesterday Ruth Maribel Orellana Arellano (32) died while she was head of the Risk Management Department (UGR) of the Sacaba Mayor’s Office of the victims of asphyxiation in the town of Melga in this community.

The young woman is veiled at home and buried in the afternoon.


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