The El Alto Citizens Committee calls for strikes and a blockade against vaccination cards

The El Alto Citizens’ Committee called for a national strike and general blockade from Monday and called for the repeal of Decrees 4060 and 4061, which set the requirement for an anticovid vaccination card or negative PCR test for entering areas with metropolitan areas.

The mayor, Gregorio Gómez, recommended that parents buy groceries to support themselves while the pressure was on.

“Call us to a national strike, a general blockade of the nine departments until this decree is repealed, from today the mobilizations, the general strike, brothers,” said Gómez.

He confirmed that this decision was made along with the Interinstitutional Pact formed by organizations that refuse vaccination cards because the government has not listened to their demands.

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He also warned against surrounding Plaza Murillo with hunger strikes against these norms.

Gómez also turned down initiatives like drivers in La Paz to require a vaccination card to enter their vehicles. He also called Mayor Iván Arias a dictator for trying to carry the vaccination “from house to house”.

He denounced the existence of a “health dictatorship” and questioned the vaccine’s effectiveness after Vice President David Choquehuanca tested positive for Covid-19 a week after receiving the dose.

The representative of the Protestant churches, Pastor Luis Aruquipa, also rejected the compulsory vaccination certificate in areas such as public transport.

He also saw a “health dictatorship” and announced his support for the pressure measures. “We will obey God first before these ignorant people who have authority,” he added.

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He stressed that they are not against the government, but rather reject the decrees that they say require vaccinations.


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