The El Alto and Rural Education sectors give 24 hours to override the anticovid card requirement

El Alto social organizations, in addition to the department’s rural teachers, gave the government 24 hours to repeal Decrees 4061 and 4061, which require the submission of a vaccination certificate or PCR test when entering public and private places with crowds . They consider the regulations unconstitutional and the exercise of rights through vaccinations cannot be prevented.

The El Alto Citizens’ Committee, the Parents Association and the department’s rural teachers demonstrated together, giving the government 24 hours to repeal the decrees.

Mayor Gregorio Gómez warned that the organizations will take to the streets to mobilize and blockade if his request is not met. If there was a confrontation, he warned that the authorities were to blame.

“Let them face the consequences. If they want a seizure, they’ll have it, if they want to fix it, want to get a good deal with the organizations, we’re upset, we’re not kidding,” he said.

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These sectors have made it clear that they are not against the vaccine, but they deny the need.

Teacher leader Ruddy Callisaya said they were concerned that the vaccination card would even be required to go to the bank. He warned that elderly people in rural areas cannot collect their rents because they do not have this document.

He also declined that the certificate would be requested for class at any time, assuring that parents would not allow their children to be given a vaccination. However, the Ministry of Education has already made it clear that the vaccination card is not mandatory.

The rural teacher guide said his sector does not guarantee the start of classes until the decrees are repealed and the biosafety conditions for student work are not ensured.

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Gregorio Gómez also criticized the government for insisting that vaccination be voluntary when the alternative is actually a PCR test, which can cost around 450 Bs. He pointed out that these costs affect the population.

Separately, the El Alto unions spoke, led by Toño Siñani. This sector gives the government 72 hours to repeal the decrees.

The Siñani leader said he was vaccinated but could not force his bases to do the same. He argued that the population, especially in rural areas, had their own way of self-sufficiency based on traditional medicine.

He warned that the unions would mobilize in El Alto from Monday if the decrees were not repealed. Meetings with other sectors are also planned to join forces.


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