The Deputy Minister for Autonomies states that he is unaware of the application for the indigenous march

Deputy Minister of Autonomies, Álvaro Ruiz, said today that he was unaware of the petition for the indigenous march that began 15 days ago from Beni and is already in the Santa Cruz area.

“There is no communication with the group that is marching because they decided to march and told me it was 15 days, but to this day we do not know the application form. We know neither the demand nor the request for this march, ”he said in an interview with the program A Media Mañana de Los Tiempos and Grupo Centro.

Ruiz later pointed out that the government recognizes the protest and all they ask is “to know the application form”.

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He also pointed out that when it comes to the question of territory, “you shouldn’t worry” as the areas of origin are “defined” and therefore there should be no subordination.


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