The Covid infection increases by 16% and the peak of the 4th wave reaches Christmas

The peak of the fourth wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is approaching and a first blow is expected on Christmas days, according to health authorities and specialists.

The Ministry of Health reported yesterday that Bolivia had seen coronavirus cases this week increased by 16 percent compared to the previous week.

“Older adults and people with underlying diseases were more affected by the first wave. The second took a leap and reached over 40 to 45 years. If we see this pattern now, the fourth wave will certainly attack minors between the ages of 8 and 16, they will suffer the infections, “said Health Minister Jeyson Auza.

According to doctors, this time around, unvaccinated people will be hit hardest by the pandemic. 90 percent of the people who have died of Covid-19 in the past few weeks were “not vaccinated”, according to the health department (headquarters).

According to forecasts made with an artificial intelligence system, the peak of the fourth wave is expected at Christmas.

“The fourth wave will last until December and we will have another infection record. Therefore, between December 24th and 26th, we will register the highlight of this year, Christmas. Although the number of infections could escalate further through January, ”said Líder Limpias, an electronic systems engineer who has developed an artificial intelligence system that predicts the increase in positive Covid cases.

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“Older adults and people with underlying diseases were more affected by the first wave. The second took a leap and reached over 40 to 45 years. When we see this pattern, the fourth wave is sure to attack those under the age of eight to 16. You will suffer the infections, “he said.


Regarding epidemiological week 49 of the pandemic in Bolivia, Auza reported yesterday that there had been a 16 percent (11,272) increase in coronavirus cases and, based on mathematical models, predicted that the highest peak of the fourth wave would be between December and January Would arrive in 2022.

“For this week there are 11,272 cases registered during the week, an increase of 16 percent.” Of these 11,272 cases, 6,596 are concentrated in the department of Santa Cruz, (…) to be precise 59 percent (of the cases) of the country are in Santa Cruz ”, reports Auza.

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He explained that there had been an increase in cases in eight of the nine departments: Santa Cruz in 15 percent, Beni in 92 percent, Pando in 50 percent, Cochabamba in 0.2 percent, Chuquisaca in 41 percent, Tarija in 9 percent, La Paz in 22 percent and Potosí 68 percent. The department that came up with a reduction was Oruro of 6 percent.

Larrea criticizes the lack of strategies

Given the surge in infected people, the President of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, yesterday questioned the lack of strategies to contain Covid-19 infections and for the vaccination process. He said the pandemic does not end with “accumulating doses”.

“There is no vaccination strategy, but the most tragic thing is that we are the country that accumulates vaccines, we are the country that does nothing to develop a real vaccination strategy,” he said.

Larrea warned the population that the peak of the fourth wave will be stronger in two weeks, where there will be a greater surge in infections.


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