The country's doctors support the October 11 strike

Healthcare professionals expressed support for October 11 pressures against the Law against Legitimization of Illegal Profits, Financing Terrorism and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and urged the population not to go to the centers’ doctors as they request this day is dedicated to the socialization of the norm.

The statement was issued by the President of the Bolivian Medical College, Luis Larrea, following an analysis in the city of Cochabamba of the situation different sectors could face if the standard is approved.

With this in mind, he announced that on October 11th he would devote himself to a “massive socialization” of the controversial norm in the same health centers and not serve the population.

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“We will go (to the health centers) but there will be a socialization of this bill in the morning, afternoon and evening hours, for which we ask the population to understand that professionals are tied to their hands, but not” with Therefore, on Monday we asked the population to adhere to all these measures, ”he said.

Don’t benefit

Larrea reiterated that the norm in question “lacks a social good”; it does not benefit the most disadvantaged sectors; on the contrary, it seeks to “persecute and silence” the various sectors in order to “make the millionaires immune”.

He questioned the “improvised” socialization of the draft law a few days before the mobilizations and demanded that the government authorities take their responsibility and be able to free themselves from party political interests.

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A so-called “National Summit for Unity and Defense of Freedom and Democracy”, which took place on October 4th in the capital Santa Cruz, defined a march on October 10th in La Paz and a strike across the country the next day, initially by the Confederación de Gremiales de Bolivia determined.


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