The controversial fourth paragraph of the grounds for repealing Law 1386 is deleted

The Chamber of Deputies unanimously suppressed the controversial fourth paragraph of the explanatory memorandum of the report on the draft law repealing Law 1386. The report was challenged by the opposition, which denounced the “criminalization” of the mobilized sectors.

“I request that it be deleted so that Creemos and Comunidad Ciudadana be silent and silent about the fourth paragraph, about which they differ so much,” suggested the head of the MAS group, Gualberto Arispe.

The MP pointed out that “since this law is repealed it will not affect the reasoning”.

The paragraph in question indicates that “in recent days, unscrupulous people with individual interests have misinformed the population, created fear and concern in them, and lied about the true aims of the law that it was only about avoiding group enrichment “. is committed to drug trafficking, human trafficking, kidnapping, extortion, terrorism, among other things; These disinformation campaigns resulted in some sectors of trade unions and transport companies paralyzing their activities.

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In the Legislative Assembly, the discussion and allegations continue.


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