The company Cóndor is involved in the civil lawsuit in the tear gas case

Attorney General Wilfredo Chávez said that the Cóndor company was involved in the civil lawsuit taking place in the United States for paying bribes and buying tear gas with a surcharge during Jeanine Áñez’s administration.

“The Cóndor company will be included (in the civil proceedings) because they knew about the bid that the gas price had doubled and they agreed to the participation of an intermediary,” said Chávez during a press conference.

The case involves former minister Arturo Murillo, who is charged with the crime of money laundering and bribery in exchange for managing the contract to purchase the artifacts.

With him Sergio Méndez Mendizábal, former head of the Murillo cabinet; Phillip Lichtenfeld, a Bolivian-American businessman, and Luis and Bryan Berkman, both from broker BTS LLC.

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Regarding the criminal trial, which is also taking place in the US, Chavez reiterated that the hearing is expected on December 8th, at which the defendant will have to decide whether he will plead guilty to the crimes charged or decide to go to court .

“His chances (to prove innocent) are reduced because the other parties involved admitted their guilt and all blamed him,” said the prosecutor.


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