The commission will visit Miraflores Prison to see Añez State and hear inmates' demands

The Chamber of Deputies Human Rights Commission will visit Miraflores Women’s Prison on Wednesday to review conditions in Áñez and hear the demands of the detainees, said the legislature’s president, Juan José Jauregui.

“We have made representations to the Directorate of the Prison Administration and the importance has been recognized that tomorrow (Wednesday) at 3 p.m. may be present at the Miraflores Penitentiary Center to have a meeting with the director of that institution, “he said.

He said the intention is to hear Áñez’s relatives’ allegations when they meet with members of the commission.

“It will not only stay on site during a visit, but also during a meeting with the prison system to see administratively and documentarily which measures have been developed to ensure the appropriate, quick and timely attention for Ms. Jeanine Áñez.” he added.

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For her part, the deputy secretary of the Human Rights Committee Gladys Quispe said that the visit would not only serve to see the case of Áñez, but also to listen to the demands of the other prisoners.

“The inmates cast a decisive vote, which we communicated to the press, and they rejected all the privileges that Ms. Áñez enjoyed. We also managed the various petitions from the committee, that is the right of the other inmates to give them the same treatment deserve, no one can have a preference because we all deserve the same treatment, “he said.


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