The City and Potosinor Council calls on the MAS to release political prisoners

Freedom for political prisoners, including Marco Antonio Pumari, a new electoral roll, the review of the 2020 elections, an immediate reform of the judicial system and the public ministry and the replacement of the members of the Supreme Electoral Court are the findings that the MPs implied yesterday. Citizens of the country at the summit entitled “For Freedom and Justice” that was held in Potosí.

After the Citizens’ Summit, a massive council in Potosí ratified the demand for freedom for Pumari and the political prisoners, as well as the other four demands of the citizens. The Potosinos also decided that they will not allow the delivery of natural resources, particularly lithium, to transnational corporations, overseas and the interests of “Masista” lodges.

The council called on the Potosinos for a major citizens’ march on December 17th to urge the government to comply with their demands and a nationwide rally in the city of Santa Cruz on January 15, 2022.

And while the Citizens’ Summit and then the Council were being held in Potosí, the peasants associated with the Movement towards Socialism (MAS) blocked this street on the road that connects this city with Sucre, around the passage of the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis., Fernando Camacho, from a delegation of members of the Creemos Assembly and the former President and Leader of the Comunicad Ciudadana, Carlos Mesa. The procession that was on its way to the imperial villa to support the findings did not reach its destination.

The conclusions were announced by Chair Roxana Graz, who now heads the Potosinista Civic Committee (Comcipo). The president of this organization, Juan Carlos Manuel, said he went into hiding after the police operation last Thursday.

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Citizens groups also demand an end to police repression and political and judicial persecution against Manuel and other citizen leaders.

Graz stated that the resignation of officials, judges and members, whom he regards as “political operators of masism”, is necessary.

It was also allowed to denounce at international level what the Potosinos consider dictatorial.


According to the El Potosí newspaper, despite the heavy rain that preceded the council convened by the Potosí Citizens’ Committee, the social organizations associated with the institution took part in the marches to gather at the level of the Bridge of Dignity.

Among those who took part in the action was María Isabel Cusi, Pumari’s wife, who was taken into custody in Uncía.

There were also representatives of civic organizations from different departments of Bolivia.

The representative of the Association of Self-Employed People recalled the need to respect Potosí and saw the arrival of the police in Potosí last week as a precedent. He said that the people of Potosí are paying attention to the arrests of leaders.

Cusi urged the public to remain united and fearless until Pumari’s freedom is achieved.

Mesa and Camacho blame the government for blockades

The governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, and the chairman of the Civic Community (CC), Carlos Mesa, separately blamed the Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) for the blockades in Betanzos, as they prevented them from reaching Potosí to to participate in the action the summit of the Compipo.

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Both opposition leaders posted videos on their Twitter accounts denouncing these events.

Against the MAS

On the one hand, Mesa claimed that the “Masista autocracy” could not silence him or stop supporting the “brave people of Potosí”.

“Again the masista autocracy. He went to Potosí to the assembly and to the town hall to support the brave people of Potosino and Marco Pumari. They blocked Betanzos and any nearby entrances. They won’t silence me, they won’t silence us !!! (sic) “, he affirmed.

Camacho, for his part, went further and asserted that the roadblock involved “terrorist” acts as the “Masista hordes” used dynamite.

“To all my beloved people of Potosí: We stand firm in this struggle. We will not let them down, despite the mass attempts to intimidate us. Cheer up, we have to build the country we want to live in together. Long live free and federal Bolivia! ”He claimed.

They oppose the release of Pumari. away

Potosí Prosecutor Roxana Choque reported yesterday that a constitutional guarantees court in Santa Cruz had dismissed a lawsuit brought by former Ombudsman Marco Pumari, stating that his arrest was legal and did not violate his fundamental rights.

“We understand that one of Pumari’s defense lawyers in Santa Cruz City would have filed a lawsuit in a constitutional guarantees court, a situation that was resolved and ultimately denied the protections that he would have previously sought.” Action of freedom. “, he said.


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